V i g n a R ò d a , t h e w i n e s o f t h e E u g a n e a n H i l l s


E u g a n e a n T r a d i t i o n a n d P r o d u c t i v e I n n o v a t i o n

The earth

The Colli Euganei emerge as islands from the “sea” of the Pianura Padana and are known since ancient times for the particular geological characteristics of the soil. The favourable nature of these soils allows the cultivation of the different vine varieties in a privileged way.

bianchi, rossi e spumante

I nostri vini

Dentro ogni bottiglia è sigillata l’essenza del territorio che amiamo, la nostra storia e quella di chi c’è stato prima di noi, vieni a scoprirla…

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Find out the latest news from Vigna Ròda: events, pairings of the month, prizes.

Pazientina Cake

How to make sponge cake: Whip the eggs with sugar, add the flour by hand, to which the refined almonds

Our winery

V i g n a R ò d a

In our future there are always new projects, more investments and ideas with the awareness, and the certainty, that “something beautiful always happens around a bottle of wine”. And we can’t wait for that to happen.


Raw ham, cured meats, EVO oil, these are just some of the products that our territory offers, discover them in combination with our wines.

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