R e d W i n e s

We have joined the great “FIVI” family, the federation that represents the “Independent Winegrowers”.

Who is the winemaker ? The Independent Winemaker cultivates his vineyards, vinifies his grapes, bottles his wine and personally takes care of the sale of the same, under his own responsibility, with his name and his label.

È s p e r o C o l l i E u g a n e i D O C C a b e r n e t

Intense ruby red wine with purple reflections; on the nose it has a marked herbal note, then black cherry, plum, and ripe red fruit. On the palate it is broad, warm, with good tannic intensity, soft and structured.

I l D a m e r i n o V e n e t o I G P M e r l o t

Intense ruby red with purplish reflections; on the nose, it’s slightly herbal, reminding of violets, coffee, ripe red fruit and cherries. On the palate, it’s warm and enveloping, with a tight but soft and velvety tannin.

M e z z a v a l l e V e n e t o I G P R e d W i n e

Of a deep ruby red with purple reflections, on the nose it is winey and reminiscent of red fruit like cherries and sour cherries. On the palate it is smooth, enveloping, with soft and velvety tannins.

S c a r l a t t o C o l l i E u g a n e i D O C R e d W i n e

Intense ruby red in colour; on the nose, it has scents of vanilla, spices, black cherries and red fruit; in the mouth, it is dry, intense, with dense and soft tannins, well balanced.

Z e n d a l C o l l i E u g a n e i D O C R e d W i n e

Bright ruby red color; on the nose it presents wine-like scents, reminiscent of red fruit such as cherries and blackberries. On the palate, it’s smooth and enveloping, with soft, velvety tannins.