Vigna Ròda’ s wines between 50 wines top of the Veneto region: Passione Veneta

V i g n a R ò d a s w i n e s b e t w e e n 5 0 w i n e s t o p o f t h e V e n e t o r e g i o n : P a s s i o n e V e n e t a

Passione Veneta has selected our wines among the 50 top from Veneto!
From 23rd to 25th February the best wines of the region will be in free tasting at Vicenza’s Foro Boario: Vigna Ròda’s wines together with the other historians of the Euganean Hills, Amarone, Soave, Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Colli Berici and many others!
A significant recognition that goes to highlight the quality and passion we put in our productions. Experienced sommeliers will be present and will guide you in the tasting.

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