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The Euganean Hills Park with his historical and natural richness is the natural landscape in which the Strazzacappa family has rooted its entire wine tradition by putting years of work and passion for wine into Vigna Roda. The area, located within the Regional Park, is particularly suitable to viticulture: nature is safeguarded and pedoclimatic conditions are favourable to the growth of Euganean Hills vineyards. The winery of Strazzacappa family, now led by Gianni and his wife Elena, is a young and dynamic reality, already established in the production of high quality wines.


Vigna Roda has undergone to significant changes both in the vineyards and in the cellar. The former have been enhanced with at the least 5000 units per hectar. This system leads to a natural competition among the plants so that each one can express itself at its best. Moreover, the guyot and spurred cordon farming systems play a great role in the production of high quality grapes. All Vigna Roda lands belong to an extensive wine zoning of the Euganean Hills which is aimed at producing and organising useful information per area both for the agronomic management of the vineyards and for grape vinification processes. All thus allows to address and differentiate cultivation and processing options within the Euganean territory.


The Euganean Hills have been known since ancient times for the peculiar geological features of their soil.

As a matter of fact, each hill has a different destination: some were formed by a volcanic cone lava flow; others, instead, are an upheaval of marine calcareous soil due to underlying magma push.
The richness of these lands grants the possibility to address and aim cultivations of different varieties of grapes.

Owing to thus, Vigna Roda has decided to produce and vinify authochthonous grapes such as the Moscato Giallo, the Serprino, as well as international species of wine namely, Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay.

The vineyards, all located on the hills, are exposed to the south and to the west and stand out like island from the sea/land, distinguishing themselves for the meticolous care Gianni Strazzacappa devotes to them, in a symphony that forges the celebration of the vines and grapes with the order given by the geometry of the rows.

Come with us on the Euganean Hills